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History & About

Fanoos Higher education is among the most comprehensive Higher Education Institutes in the nation, and the leading of the 15 distinct institutions in the country. It is founded by the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan Ordinance in 2012 based on the affirmative accreditation and evaluation. Fanoos is known for its charismatic character, drawn from the legacy of its professors. Currently Fanoos offers Undergraduate studies in 10 programs with academic degree of Bachelors and Diploma for 2 programs. Fanoos offers full-time and part-time study programs both with duration of 4 years or 8 semesters.

Fanoos is comprises of 3 schools that include 12 academic departments, 4 centers, and 14 academic degrees or major programs. We offer more than 220 courses and majors. Fanoos has more than 110 employees, including 65 faculty,/ and is committed to a diverse and inclusive environment.  Regardless of its short history, the University progresses very dynamically and has already built a serious image while positioning itself as one of the most prestigious higher education institutes in Afghanistan.  The high-quality education process is carried out in modules, strictly abiding the Afghan Higher Education Act and the international standards.

Our Facilities

Fanoos Higher Education is located in Kabul city, a thriving and scenic Country capital with a population of more than 6,000,000. Fanoos University campus is located in (Shahr-e-now), one of the most intellectually dynamic and culturally diverse areas of the nation. Shahr-e-now is viewed as the “College Town” for students, based on academic environment, quality of life, adjacent to downtown, professional opportunities and offering vast country of the art resources to support teaching and research.

Fanoos main campus buildings include classroom space, office space, research centers, Conference halls, libraries, and Mosque. There are also parking space, restaurant and sports centers available in Fanoos’ campus. Fanoos provides quality learning environment with high tech classes, laboratories and other facilities along with support services across the campus. 


Fanoos has a partnership with Khawar Media Group: a consortium of media outlets including Khawar TV, Khawar Radio and Khawar Production. Khawar Radio is located in Fanoos’ campus; whereas other Khawar media outlets locate in a range of 5KM to Fanoos campus, and are within reach and are accessible to University students to learnt tangible media skills or gather professors and students from a variety of disciplines to collaborate and create new forms of multimedia art, expression and technology.

Our Schools

Fanoos is a research and education institution with the solid purpose of conducting research and provide further education to the highest academic level. Fanoos comprises 3 schools (Media and Communications, Law and Political Science and Economics) along with DIT and DEL departments