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Law & Political science school

Law and Political Science at Fanoos University is a joint degree. The programs are taught by the school of Law and Political Science of Fanoos Higher Education. It aims to give students a firm grounding in the disciplines of both law and political science and to develop a critical understanding of both Afghan law and of the political framework in which the law operates. Law and politics are deeply connected and this college provides the opportunity to learn about both and better understand their relation to each other. As a student on the Law and Political Science program, you will take both subjects for the first two years. In your third year you will have the option to concentrate exclusively on either subject. The college of Law and political science incorporates the Law programs and Political science programs into 2 departments.


Department of Diplomacy and Public Administration: The Department offers courses that introduce students to both the intellectual content and research methods of political inquiry. The Political Science and Public Administration degree is composed of a diverse curriculum in the disciplinary subfields of International Relations, Comparative Politics and Afghanistan Government and Politics as well as an overview of Public Administration which is designed to prepare students to understand and assess politics.


Department of Judiciary and: The department offers courses