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Media and Communication School

Media and Communication school is the first new College at the country level. The College comes at a time of breathtaking change in the ways people communicate and the technology they use to do it. This new era offers exciting opportunities for people with the skills and the intellectual insights to communicate on today’s many media platforms to a wide variety of audiences. The College of Media and Communication offers several departments and degrees centered on communication, information and digital media. 

Department of Journalism: Students will learn the reporting and writing skills they need to produce news and information on multiple media platforms. They will master the technology and journalistic skills to produce videos, audio, photography, graphics and social media on mobile platforms, the Web, television, radio and print.

Department of Advertising, Public Relations and Media Design: Students will study creative and strategic advertising, public relations and design. They will craft messages that engage and inform the public on a wide range of media platforms. 

Department of Strategic Communications: Students will learn how communication enables people to create, share and transform meaning and ways of living through interpersonal, group, organizational and public contexts.


Department of Media Studies: Students will explore the ways media shape, and are shaped by, society and technology. They will learn how media institutions are organized, who controls their content, how they perform economically, how audiences engage with media and how media impact government, culture and social policy across the globe.